"More than a gym it is a place where nobody judges you. They encourage you to be better, to take care of yourself. It is like a family. A place where you go workout with all your girlfriends. The teachers are amazing and when you are done you always feel like you had the best workout ever. Jodi, the owner, is the main cheerleader for all of us."​

​-Josephina Cohen

"What a fabulous gym for women! It is in a great location & has a fantastic atmosphere. The staff Jodi has assembled are the most dynamic and sincere group of ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting."

​-Dab Welsh

​"What a great boutique gym!
It's not only
sparkling clean but the equipment is all top of the line - state of the art. I took a cycle class with the owner this weekend and it was both fun and brutally challenging -- but she coached us all thru till the end! I l really liked the friendly vibe there and will be checking out their other classes. I absolutely prefer the community of boutique fitness vs. the big box gyms."

​-Stacy Sparkle

Who Got Us Fit?

8260 N. Hayden Rd. Suite 105A, Scottsdale, AZ 85258

"Such a positive environment, welcoming staff. Finally a place where women can feel comfortable and confident working out without having to worry about people staring. Love it!"

​-Alexa Hall

A most enjoyable place to work out at your own pace and the ladies there are extremely helpful....try it you will love love love it!

​- Jo Buscemi


​"Goddess Fit is a place where women feel empowered."

​- Nassmin Sana

"​I have been a supporter of Goddess Fit from the beginning & recommend their location quite often. I've fallen in love with Spivi Cycle class! GF is the only location with Spivi. It's a wonderful cardio workout that's fun and keeps you engaged from beginning to end! Give it a spin! You'll be hooked too!​"

-Jodi Towns

(844) 433-7348

"I absolutely love working out in an all women's gym. The trainers are amazing especially Brittney Ford.
All of the latest equipment . A lot of
unique women.
Love it!!"

​-Bobbi Tirman

"​LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what Jodi and her team have created in this awesome Girls ONLY gym! I love going to Spivi cycle and all the fun events hosted here that make working out FUN! Her space is soothing, comfortable and breezy. The equipment is state of the art, easy to use, and sleek. I am so happy I found Goddess Fit, it is a PERFECT fit!"

​-Kara Mcallister-Dommel